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Human Resources Training for Supervisors

Essential Training for Supervisors and Managers

Human Resources Training for Supervisors

You know your supervisors and managers are leaders in their specialty, but how much training do they have to manage their team?

Your supervisors are often the first level of management in identifying and properly handling personnel issues. FireHR provides several trainings focused on making sure supervisors have the proper training needed to manage the workplace.

Give us a call to set-up HR training for your department or to host a regional training event.

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Why Choose FireHR?

FireHR has the experience and expertise to help with all of your training needs. Here are some of the topics covered during HR training sessions.  

FMLA & FLSA Basics

Performance Appraisal and Feedback

Performance Management & the Role of Discipline

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Difficult Conversations

The Supervisor’s Role in Managing the Union Contract

Supervisor Training Questions

Do you still have questions how we can prepare your department to handle potential personnel issues?

We took the time to answer some of the more popular questions we are asked when it comes to our HR training and development services. 

Our trainings can be tailored to your agency’s policies and procedures and to address real issues your supervisors are facing. Contact us to get started!

It’s important for supervisors and managers to know what their role is in human resource compliance given they are often the first to be in a position to recognize various needs.  Our HR 101 course focuses on the basics of FMLA, FLSA, Harassment & Discrimination, Performance Appraisal and Feedback, Performance Management and the Role of Disciplinary Action, and Difficult Conversations.

We’ll come right to your community and tailor our training to your specific needs.  Generally, classes should not be larger than 20 students to allow for proper feedback and interaction.

Absolutely not. Just kidding…of course they can! In fact, we welcome it. The presence of your HR professionals helps to make sure attendees are aware of the local requirements and expectations as it relates to the material being taught.

Greg Preece - Principal & Senior Consultant

The skilled team of experts at FireHR is committed to providing quality comprehensive HR guidance and training for all levels public sector government.