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We find qualified executives for your job openings

We Are Experts In Local Government Executive Recruitments

FireHR has the experience and resources to help find qualified talent for your city, county, and government-level jobs. We work with you to find talented executives that become a major asset to your staff. 

Are you in need of infusing highly talented professionals into your local government departments, cities, counties, and special districts? Then you can trust FireHR’s local government executive recruitment services. Working with you to develop a top quality candidate profile, we use our years of experience and recruitment resources to deliver top candidates for your agency to consider in the hiring for these critical positions.

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Why Choose FireHR Executive Search Service?

Check out some of the top features of our local government executive search services that helps bring talented leaders to your organization,

Local government executive recruiters with a proven track record.

Intensive research to seek out the right executive for your open positions.

Recruitments are tailored to your specific needs.

Well-planned and reliable executive recruitment support.

Local Government Recruitment Questions

If you have further questions about our executive recruitment search service you can get answers in the FAQ section.

We consider ourselves a top local government recruitment agency. To help you further understand our executive recruitment services, we took the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions contact us through our contact form or give us a call.

FireHR provides recruitment services for all levels of local government executives including City/County Managers and Assistants, Department and Division Heads, and Public Safety Chiefs and Assistants. In addition, we’re experienced in Civil Service recruitments and stand ready to run these services for local government agencies.

Generally, recruitments can take approximately four months; however, this is dependent on the process your agency determines is best to find the right candidate. We’re committed to planning a process that is successful for your agency.

The best way is to contact us directly at  If your agency requires bid proposals, please notify us so we can evaluate the request and submit a proposal

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